Brannon’s Bone Blog Beats Boring Bone Books

Let’s face it, reading scholarly articles (especially those published in medical journals and other scientific journals) can seem, well, a little boring.  Ok, Ok, maybe a lot boring.  And if you are anything like me you’ve been wanting a more exciting, fun way to access scientific literature.  That’s the goal of this experimental project, to make the research that seems mundane and ordinary to the majority of us more fun to read and accessible by all!  This blog will be a gateway to a new world for most of you who take the time to explore it.  This new world, one full of wondrous advances in our understanding of how bones form and function, should help those of you whose only experience interacting with the mammalian skeletal system was messing around with the plastic skeleton in high school science class to more fully understand just how the intricacies of mammalian skeletal development and function can help you to realize the importance of your bones.